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NeoSells is an Online Account Puchasing Site. It has one of the best reputation due to dedicated workers and Trust we have built.

We only provide refund in case if Account is not delivered successfully. Change in plan is applicable for refund.

Account will be delivered instantly after payment has been verified.

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Scroll Down on Homepage of Neosells until you see Testimonials Section. 

Proceed to our facebook page and leave a review. Your review will automatically be put on our main site from there.

Yes! You are not required to make an account to proceed to checkout. Howecer, We do recommend to create an account for additional features. 

Payments Method

Once you click on proceed to checkout, All the available payment options will be shown below.

Unfortunately we do not accept cryptocurrency payments right now. All the available payment options will be there at time of checkout for you to check.

Do not hesitate to contact us through live chat. Our experienced support staff is always ready to help and find a solution for you!

Account Handling

It’s not safe to buy a botted account, although with us; you get 30 days ban warranty on botted accounts. But we highly recommend you to buy our handleveled lifetime warranty accounts instead.

Make sure to change email 

In the cases of both ranked LoL accounts or unranked LoL smurfs, you can check their champions, skins, and summoner icons. Just choose “select specific account” and click on details.

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